Content Library

Curated content focused entirely on teaching and training  Content available in all formats – eBooks, videos, courses, quizzes. A content library is an online repository for pre-created elearning courses that are available online and ready for usage. It is the central location that stores online learning content – text, audio, video, images, presentations, and more. Your audience can access content once they register for courses on your learning management system (LMS). Enable learners to access eLearning content from the device of their choice. Seamless library access. All content libraries seamlessly integrate with the LMS. Content management is also a major plus with a Learning Management System. Your LMS allows you to decide who gets access to what courses. Then, you can create notifications and reminders to take the courses. For example, certain groups may need certain regulatory training that has to be completed on a deadline.One of the most effective abilities of an LMS relates to your online learning content. Your LMS can help you not only to deliver and manage content, but also to develop it.

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