Library Management System

Project description: 1. Books – Can add books of all types using this platform with Barcode scan. This module contains Bulk Upload, View By Barcode and QR Code also, Inactive of book record if lost,

ID Card Organiser

Project description: Automated Identity Card Solutions: Easy ID card generation, Online designing template, Drag & Drop features, One click printing, Strict access enabled Multi Level Logins, Data is secured with view access only, Define Template

Hostel Management System

Project Description: 1. Hostel Students – This feature allows user to view number of students conveyed hostel facility at time of admission by viewing campus name, block name, floor name, and room name.2. Hostel Visitors

Accounting System

Project Description: This will talk about all the payment like Concessions fee, Tuition fee, class fee, caution fee, exam fee, activate fee and all Fee Payment details records can be maintained, can be tracked due

Admission & Lead Tracker

Project description:

Canteen Management System

Project Description: Daily updates to parents on food menu given to students – This will also track meals, daily commodities used, weekly food menu, food approval list from the management.