LMS Features

LMS supports distraction free learning and selfplaced learning discover our list of features:
  •  Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Learning for the students
  •  Information security for corporates, schools, colleges, universities etc.,
  •  Virtual Classroom- inbuilt AV Conferencing with low data consumption
  •  User friendly user interface
  •  Extremely Secure Login Credentials and data Sharing
  •  For Corporate – Training, Learning and development, communication
  •  For educational institutions – Schools, colleges, vocational training centers, open universities, distant education centers, universities
  •  Easy to access from anywhere
  •  Interactive tools (such as surveys, polls, news, forums, blogs), graphics and animations.
  •  Email notifications and Alerts for any delay or pre-closure of online sessions
  •  Blooms Taxonomy based personalized assessment
  •  General Level Assessment
  •  Direct and Indirect attainment
  •  Program outcomes vs Course outcome matrix
  •  Comprehensive user management
  •  Multilevel White boarding with drawing, writing, resizing, images, symbol(s)/clipart
  •  Effective content management
  •  Course schedule based virtual sessions
  •  Outcome based performance assessment & skill-gap analysis
  •  Backup and folder management with auto-retrieval
  •  Single point of access to learning delivery & communication
  •  Integrated learning – online & on-ground
  •  HR tools to improve delivery & measure productivity
  •  Classroom monitoring dashboard for Principal and HOD
  •  Student monitoring dashboard for parents
  •  Attendance tracker based on virtual classes.
  •  Evaluation based assignments.
  •  Consolidated student progress
  •  Attainment level based grading
  •  Reports
  •  On Premises and Cloud Deployment
  •  Multitenant functionality

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