Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



Samvaad Learning Management System is an effective tool that is created and designed to establish administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and deliver online learning. It’s also known as “e-learning” because the software that is used will provide a virtual classroom-like environment for training organization employee and trainers alike.

Samvaad Learning Management System (LMS) main concept is outcome based education and it allows Instructors to easily create courses and add course material. Adding learners/trainees, creating batches/groups, importing list of users/trainees makes it very convenient to manage a large user base. From creating and managing courses to adding users/trainees and tracking user progress, making announcements and staying in touch with the users makes Samvaad LMS a very powerful training platform.

Samvaad LMS is Unicode compliant and supports multilingual user interface with an option to switch from one language to another. The languages supported are: English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam All leading Indian Languages and more.

Yes,  You can link Web conferencing events to sessions using Samvaad pro which is an Integrated AV solution.

Samvaad has Extremely Secure login credentials and file sharing ( N-tier Architecture)

Yes, Samvaad can be integrated with different solutions.

Yes, Samvaad LMS can be implemented on both Client server or LMS local server, as per the needs of the client.

Yes, Samvaad LMS can be implemented on both Client server or LMS local server, as per the needs of the client.

Yes, you can use the Samvaad Learning Management System features for distance learning and complement any kind of classroom education.

Trainers can share with Learners content in the form of Documents, Assessments, Videos, Audio Files, HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point documents, Images, Links, etc.

Yes for the video files we have limitation on size but for the documents there is no limitation.

Yes, the students can view current and previous content of the batches they are enrolled with.

Samvaad LMS has attainment level and CGPA based grading.

Yes, Surveys and Polls can be easily created and shared with Students

Yes, Feedback questionnaire can be easily created and shared with Students and trainers, for which results can also be maintained in the system.

Samvaad LMS provides in-depth analysis and reports for tracking Learner progress, Assignment &Assessment Results, Attendance etc.

Yes, a batch plan can be created in the system which includes both online and offline sessions.

Yes, we do have mobile app where the students can join the online sessions through it.

MCQ’s and Subjective based assessments are available in our LMS.

Yes, the MCQ based examination would be auto evaluated but for subjective manual evaluation need to be done.

Absolutely. We can customize the user interface to match your Corporate Theme, Logo, etc.

By default we have some configured reports as below but we can configure reports based on the requirement

Student performance indicator

  • Course wise Performance report
  • Attendance report
  • Student information report
  • Trainer information report ….etc.



Yes, we are able to offer you product training tailored to your needs. In general, the training will be delivered remotely by one of our trainers using screen sharing software such as Samvaad pro

Yes, We give training at client location as well

Not really. Just make sure you have the latest version of your Web browser.

We sure do. Our excellent implementation services leave everyone involved happy.