Project description:

1. Books – Can add books of all types using this platform with Barcode scan. This module contains Bulk Upload, View By Barcode and QR Code also, Inactive of book record if lost, Edit book details any time, View Book, Generate New Book Additions to the plaform, Issue Books will track number of books in a given period and alerts will flag if the book is not returned in time. Arrangement of books can done by tracking Shelf Name, Rack Wise, Department Wise.
2. Book Issue – Book Name, Book Title, Issued Date, Issued to, Desgination, Issue Returned.
3. Fines – Tracking of books issue and returns, fine collected if returned late. Fines charged for any particular disciplinary action.
4. Reserved Books – Student and staff can reserve any particular book based on availability and can opt for it. Staff & Students can login to reserve any book they need.

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