Assessment Questionnaire

  • Admin and Trainer can able to add the Questionnaire for students by selecting Assessment
  • Click on the Assessment and select Assessment Questionnaire in the dropdown it navigates to the Assessment Questionnaire page
  • Click on Add Button to Create objective and subjective Questionnaire
  • Enter the course details as required to make objective Questionnaire
  • Admin can create Subjective or objective type of questions by clicking on Question type
  • By Clicking on the Random options the answer options will be shuffled
  • Enter Question and answers in the given fields
  • By clicking on the + symbol next to the correct answer can make more option fields
  • Click on Save button to When it is completed
  • Enter the course details as required to create subjective Questionnaire
  • Change Question Type to Subjective
  • Enter Question and answer in the given fields
  • Click on Save button to create Subjective question and answer
  • All the Questions will display on Assessment Questionnaire

Master Assessment

  • Click on The Assessment and select Master Assessment on the dropdown it navigates to Master Assessment page
  • Click on Add button to define how the assessment should be conducted In master assessment.
  • Enter the Assessment details as required
  • we would define the assessment with how many attempts can be made by student for the particular assessment in the No of Attempts field
  • No of Questions field defines how many questions should be there in the assessment
  • Pass% of Marks field defines what would be the pass percentage of particular assessment
  • Admin or trainer can set the time duration of an assessment in the Assessment time field
  • We can define the complexity levels of exam by selecting Complexity. we have 2 types of complexities. One is level based and the other is general
  • Level based we can define how the questions should come from each level and whether the questions are subjective or objective by selecting Question Type
  • Click on the Save button to save the Master Assessment
  • All Assessments will display on the Master Assessment page

Evaluate Assessment

  • Click on Assessment and select Evaluate Assessment, it navigates to Evaluate Assessment page
  • Enter the required course details including Assessment name
  • Enter scheduled assessment date and time
  • Select a specific student who attempted for given assessment
  • Once you entered the Assessment Details, Question and Answers will display on bottom of the page
  • Trainer can validate the answer and can enter marks manually in the given Result field
  • Click on Submit button to save the results for student reference

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