Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization LMS for non-profits is software that helps you create, schedule and manage online training content for donors, community members, staff and volunteers on any device. The tool automates the training process, which allows employees to learn on their own time, at any location […]

Government Institutions

Government Institutions The public sector is one of the largest sectors in the industry, it comes as no surprise that the number of employees will also be equally large. Therefore, it is paramount for the public sector organizations to implement efficient solutions to streamline the […]

Health Care

Health Care With a leading LMS for the healthcare business, you can train your employees and medical professionals. Replace costly in-person seminars with online training, and you can rest assured that your teams will continue to receive all of the information they require without incurring […]


Consulting When training is hard to access, or feels like a chore, clients don’t get the most out of your services. Samvaad LMS transforms training so the experience is actually enjoyable and clients are eager to complete it. Train every client from a single platform […]


Industries Samvaad LMS assists the industrial business in providing employee training and maintaining systematic records. Every team member will find it simple to utilize in the manufacturing industry. Samvaad LMS allows you to provide training to anyone, everywhere, from seasoned technicians to new hires to […]


Corporates Samvaad LMS can be divided into two categories – corporate and education. They do not have to be mutually exclusive. Human Resource (HR) solutions frequently include corporate LMS. Several of the main LMSs are expanding their offerings to include talent management. Recruitment, performance management, […]

Research Scholars

Research Scholars Our platform provides a simple way for authors to showcase their academic publications. This is a great way to keep up with current research, learn about potentially interesting topics. Several studies had been conducted by researchers, and although the aim of their research […]

Content Developers

Content Developers Having the right approach for your instructional design and content creation needs is critical to the success of any e-learning strategy. We specialize in Custom eLearning Content Creation for Corporates operating in various industry sectors. We perform in-depth analysis and research to help […]


Students We offer the best environment for the students who wants to learn. There are a multiple learning channels. It starts with an admin dashboard for joining a program or a class. our LMS allows the communication of learning objectives, and organize learning timelines. Our […]


Tutor Our platform helps an Individual trainer who suffers finding difficult of online teaching, our platform offers you all-in-one digital tools so that you can promote your courses, use virtual classrooms, interactive educational content, and you can communicate with your students with innovative methods. Creating […]