Colleges should begin to integrate LMS in their infrastructure and encourage their faculty to adopt LMS in their online learning and training sessions. With Samvaad LMS for colleges, you can create and design courses, give online training, schedule webinars, book a web conferencing with the students and also analyze their performance. This integration of LMS for colleges and universities makes the job much easier, faster, and more cost-effective for learners and the faculty.

Our Learning management system is a software that enables higher education institutions & colleges to manage online admission, student enrollment, students’ attendance, online fees, grades, assignments, library books, etc. It can also generate online results, mark sheet, students’ performance reports, etc. & simplify the hassles of faculty.

Our Learning Management System is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty lifecycle and campus administration

How does our LMS Platform help colleges?

  • A customizable LMS for easy use by anyone even without technical knowledge.
  • platform designed to engage students by way of surveys , polls,discussion forums etc.
  • Can be used by college students either for self-learning or for instructor-led training.
  • Made in India especially for the Indian education system

This software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. Our team understands that for any college to function their administrative processes precisely, should and must opt for an Solution, for the following reasons 

  • Affordable Customization
  • Data Security
  • Operations of Academic and Non-Academic department get in-synced
  • Manual work reduces considerably

Samvaad Learning Management System Provides Following Features:

Better Teacher-Student Collaboration

One of the best LMS for colleges, Schools, Universities. Samvaad LMS offer simple ways to communicate with your instructors to clear doubts on various topics. This LMS helps to create interactive learning sessions with better learning outcomes. Educators and learners can schedule web conferencing sessions to continue with their courses to clear doubts and improve engagement

Centralized Learning

Samvaad LMS offers centralized learning facility to colleges and universities. It helps to update and manage the learning material easily. It saves your time and money as you can manage the learning material effectively from a single platform

Holistic Knowledge Platform

Our eLearning platform consists of courses, training, assessments, quizzes, discussion forums, Surveys, Polls and video conferencing.

Advanced Reports

Online reports would be generated on the progress and completion rates of the students, their course status, as well as their score. Teachers would also be able to view their attempts and answers to the students

Accessible On Multiple Device

Learning management system for colleges such as Samvaad LMS can deliver courses on web- based interfaces such as laptop, mobiles, desktop, tablets, etc. Users can attend their classes from anywhere and can easily continue with their learning from any remote place.

Course Calendars

Course calendars embedded in learning management systems for colleges helps to schedule assignments for students assigned in particular courses. With the help of Samvaad LMS for colleges and universities, educators can easily assign assignments, create deadlines or schedule classes

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