Security & Privacy are of paramount importance to the success of an online course. Important security features in LMSs include user authentication, access verification, password integrity controls, and intruder detection. Privacy controls are also important to ensure that sensitive information is made available to the […]

SCORM Complaint

SCORM Complaint SCORM governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) communicate with each other. It is simply a model that content creators and programmers can refer to in order to format compatible content for and between learning management systems. SCORM compliant Samvaad […]

Add On

Add on 1. Digital writing pad for examination With Interactive Pad, you can control your Interactive Board from anywhere within your classroom. Its Wireless, cord-free operation equips the teacher with the freedom to interact with students while writing on the Whiteboard. Digital E-writers with memory […]


Features(Modular) Complete Student Life Cycle Management from Registration to Certification covered modularly in Registration Content Management Assessment & Evaluation Examination Communication Tools Registration Registration is one of the primary modules in any Learning management system. A Student life cycle management starts with registering student with […]

Collaborative Platform

Collaborative Platform Enables teachers to upload & share unlimited e-content and offers access to students in order to drive hassle-free teacher-student collaboration. Enable learners to access eLearning content from the device of their choice. All Content seamlessly integrate with our Samvaad LMS. Collaborative eLearning platforms […]