Collaborative Platform

Enables teachers to upload & share unlimited e-content and offers access to students in order to drive hassle-free teacher-student collaboration. Enable learners to access eLearning content from the device of their choice. All Content seamlessly integrate with our Samvaad LMS. Collaborative eLearning platforms entails two fundamental characteristics of learning: the setting of a collaborative process in which students learn through various means of communication, and the interaction that occurs between group members, such as bargaining or cooperativeness. Collaborative learning enables team-based learning that promotes collaboration across your organization through learning experiences. Collaborative learning can be referred to as group learning through which employees can share and expertise in teaching and learning. It encourages higher-level thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. In addition, collaborative learning connects people and helps them create learning content quickly. One of the best LMS for colleges, Schools, Universities. Samvaad LMS offer simple ways to communicate with your instructors to clear doubts on various topics. This LMS helps to create interactive learning sessions with better learning outcomes. Educators and learners can schedule web conferencing sessions to continue with their courses to clear doubts and improve engagement.

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